Men's Fleece-lined Mock Neck T-shirts

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KUKBOSKU: 00272890

Size: 100
Color: Navy
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Men's Fleece-lined Mock Neck T-shirts

라이프생활부터 비즈니스, 골프, 스포츠룩으로 언제나 만족스러운 제품

Wear will satisfy you anytime, anywhere with life, business, sports look.


Product Details

  • fleece-lined
  • Soft and Warm
  • Turtleneck with 1/4 zip
  • Regular fit
  • Long Sleeve
  • Easy-to-move 


  • 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester





  • 기모 원단
  • 부드럽고 따뜻한 소재
  • 1/4지퍼형 목폴라
  • 레귤러 핏
  • 긴팔
  • 유연한 움직임


  • 65% 면, 35% 폴리에스터



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